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Container Gardens


CONTAINER gardens are specialists in hire plants, garden maintenance, free standing planters, troughs, built in planters, courtyard gardens, atriums and other small space landscapes; outdoor or indoor.

The CONTAINER gardens team have a huge range of experience with plants and planters so can select the right plants for the situation: indoor or outdoor and match these with the right planters to create an awesome display. Look at the PRODUCTS page and choose from ceramic, stone, terracotta, fibreglass, metal or many other finishes. All delivered to you and set up PROPERLY, PROFESSIONALLY and with PERSONALISED service. 


Indoor plants at Home

We can maintain your beautiful indoor plants at your house or work. Container Gardens now offers a maintenance service that comes to you and polishes, trims and waters your indoor plants, provides new ones or replaces potted flowers as they go off. So if you want your indoor plants to always look great or even if you are simply going way for a long holiday get in touch.

 Hire Plants

Looking for plants to hire or lease – have you considered owning your own plants and having them maintained professionally? The benefit will be cost savings for you without the worry of having to water, clean or trim plants. CONTAINER gardens offers this cost saving service.

Choose the option that suits  

  • Own the plants and planters
  • Rent the plants/own the planters
  • Rent plants and planters because flexibilty means more than a cost saving.

We charge an hourly rate to maintain your plants or offer a competitive rental rate and have access to a wide range of indoor plants of all shapes and sizes that you can purchase or rent and our range of planters will allow a colour and style to fit all situations. Or if you have your plants or planters already we can carry on the maintenance for you.


 Contact us for further information and a free quote